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What is Personal Branding? Is it Worth your Investment?

What is Personal Branding? Is it Worth your Investment?

Today, you may be an incredibly talented person, but regret the lack of opportunities you have to express yourself. Unless you hit some controversy, challenge some authority, your thoughts and ideals stay in the dark inventory of people’s lack of awareness. How do you change this situation? How do you stop people from noticing you without having to break your comfort? Personal branding helps you with that. Whether you are a salaried professional, an independent consultant, an aspiring influencer, or a serial entrepreneur, personal branding is the art of creating a distinct persona, so you are found by those who are looking for your skills and experience to work with and network.

Level up from Obscurity

Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” We believe that Andy was a foreseer of the digital world! With TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, every user is a creator and a consumer simultaneously. Think pre-TikTok and compare the visibility you experienced then and now. The difference is while you chose to stay shy, someone harnessed confidence and leveraged such courage to build their personal brand. Now, they are enjoying all the attention when you are still trying to make sense of the obscurity you don’t deserve. 

Inch Ahead on Visibility

In Asian and many cultural values, upbringing is often a humble one. Parents would teach their kids not to talk about themselves until someone stops by appreciating their work. So, we grow up perfecting our craft, not quite sharing with the world what we have perfected. As you know, the world is busy and has no time to go beyond a certain perimeter to seek and appreciate your talent. There, it is your personal branding that matters the most. The way you build a personal brand places you on a higher curve of visibility and attention.

Influence Global Change

The influencer industry is the newest addition to the global chart of self-employment practices. Generation Z is convinced that this is one of the lucrative industries in terms of financial returns and the recognition that impacts high returns. GenZ is also comfortable with the initial period of hustle until such time; identity attracts new businesses auto-pilot. Sounds convincing, isn’t it? Why aren’t the millennials embracing the idea of self-appraisal when you know you are good at something that can influence change? Do you have an answer to who you are in the crowd of the countless? Personal branding helps develop that.

Personal Branding for Authentic Life

There is a great deal of speculation around “self-love.” Some argue that the fact that we occupy our body is self-love, but is that true? Self-love recognizes your potential as an emotional and rational human impacting the personal and public space with confidence and compassion. Post-twenty-five years of age, a person starts filling up with self-doubt and rejection, which becomes a pattern to last. This is harmful to personal and professional growth. Seeking support to amplify your values is to believe the purpose you have been tailored to fit. All you got to do is to live that authentic life in public disclosure.

Create Employment Opportunities

Can a personal brand create employment opportunities? It may range from availing services of a freelancer to sustaining and growing a team of 1000+ employees. Heard of Simon Sinek, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Shiv Khera, and the like? They are renowned personal brands. In fact, Tesla is more Elon Musk’s personal interest compared to Microsoft, a public one. Post-twenty-five, you should be in a position to buy services and help others generate a livelihood by working for you. And to achieve that, you need not have to have a registered company and shareholders. You can be an individual kingmaker, a consultant, advisor, speaker, and a thought leader, amplifying the best in your industry.

Personal Branding for the Employed

This might sound a bit conflicting or maybe straightway a very odd idea to fit in when employed. Why do we need to think of personal branding when we are already employed? Here, we need a tilt or shift or a complete reset of mindset. You may be an employee, but that is not to constraint your growth. After 8 to 10 years of your career, you are a subject matter expert in your own right. It is time you polish that aspect of your personality and realize that your industry expertise is also who you are and deserve recognition. Your appraisals aren’t enough or even a secured cheque. It is a huge world of possibilities, and you got to present yourself for higher opportunities that start with creating a personal brand. It is a personal brand that can lift you from a sweatshop to an intelligence factory at Google and Apple.

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