Handcraft Happiness!

Today, the market is saturated with a plethora of digital marketers who would otherwise fail to hold up a conversation on the ethos of digital transformation. 

In this crowd, you need to distinguish your small business to be recognized by your potential buyers. You want someone to advocate for your brand and tell your stories that inform, inspire and influence communities for more trust and business.

At Brand Happiness® OPC Pvt Ltd, that’s the agenda; to help you shine and have your success reflect our work.  Brand Happiness® is an affordable branding communication & digital marketing agency helping you inform, inspire, and influence your audience.  

Linda Ashok


Linda Ashok founded Brand Happiness® with her 14+ years of work experience with Fortune 100, 500s, and SMBs across industries in retail, supply chain, health, recruitment, banking, consulting, anti-piracy, etc.


Avail guidance for growth leveraging industry trends and insights. ​


Experience business accountability to fall back on and expedited recourse​


Validate your personal branding strategy with confidentiality.​

Brand Happiness®

At Brand Happiness® OPC Pvt. Ltd. we sign up limited accounts helping individual and business entrepreneurs inform, inspire, & influence their market!