How to Write a Perfect Blog: 14 Guiding Checkpoints

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Attention Founders, Editors, & Bloggers!

Do you own a website? Are you the founder of a startup or the CMO of the marketing wing of a reputed company? If yes, then this is for you!

What is the Role of a Blog?

You know the critical role a blog plays in fetching your website traffic that has the potential to convert into your leads. Today, right now, you as the leader of a company log in to your blog and check out the following-

What is the Structure of a Perfect Blog?

Writing a Blog is a balanced diet of Creativity, Research, and Search Engine Optimized Content.

Who can Write a Perfect Blog?

English is a globally spoken language. In India, we all speak, read, write, and understand English. At least that’s what every corporate professional would like to believe. But this proficiency doesn’t translate into the technicality of delivering a perfect blog. Just think, you have a chemist shop open to you but you still need a doctor to prescribe you the right medicine.

14 Guiding Checkpoints to Approve a Blog

  1. YOAST SEO plug-in
  2. Review blog dashboard for titles; their readability and SEO signal GREEN
  3. Articles are tagged and indexed to the right blog category
  4. Permalink/slug should be precise and comprise the problem statement that the blog addresses
  5. Chase perfection for grammar, storytelling, and spelling consistency (US or UK)
  6. The article should have an H2, H3, and H4 (if required)
  7. Focus keyphrase/ keyword should appear in your title & subtitles
  8. Blog optimized for the right keyword/keyphrase that is current in your industry search on Google
  9. Images should have alt text and focus keyword/keyphrase (preferably the blog title, Fig 1, Fig 2…)
  10. Articles across the blog should have consistent styling
  11. Check if there are an adequate amount of inbound and outbound hyperlinks
  12. Ensure a minimum word limit of 800 words and a maximum 2500 words
  13. Do not forget to repost blog on Reddit and Medium with backlinks to your blogs
  14. Blogs exceeding 800 words should have a fair number of visuals. Learn more

How do you know if a Blog is Ready to Publish?

Please be happy if your evaluation matches your expectation as per the points I have shared here. Else, do as you feel would be the best. You can consult with an agency or an individual who can deliver you the ROI or (“Result” on Investment)!

  1. The thing is, it could be your blog, and it is not my concern to point out what’s missing there. But I cannot help passing this reminder because I am a writer and I obsess about writing and the power of storytelling with accelerated SEO that doesn’t mar a reading that converts your content into a conversion tool.


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PS: This blog is for information only and not intended for traffic.

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