Startup Branding Strategies for Value Engineering

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Typically, the process of branding starts from the naming of a company to designing a meaningful logo, creating compelling product/service narrative and also how it fulfills a social lack (in the case of a niche and new product). Startup strategists know that the value of a brand increases when customers can enjoy the product/services vis-à-vis quality and creative inventiveness. It is how a startup decides to embark its branding journey; it is fated to achieve market awareness and build long-term loyalty. Startup strategists cannot argue the importance of consistent brand messaging as the key to building a brand perception and yet entrepreneurs who spend a considerable amount of time working on their ideas; branding is set on compromise. At Brand Happiness, we wish to see every startup achieving their dream and realize their demand and for this, we’ve listed a few tips-

Brand Statement

Remember that your brand is a direct impression of what you feel about your customers. If you value your customers then, by all means, it will reflect in your branding exercises along with the inherent value of your product/service that you have on offer. For example, if you are a restaurant and your tagline is, “best bakers in the town,” then understand that it makes no sense for your potential customers who are likely to perceive it as brag and would always compare your delivery to that brag note. Instead, if your bakery’s tagline reads “baking mouthful happiness,” don’t you think it to be more invitational wherein customers could connect with your product narrative?

Brand Make Up

As a startup entrepreneur, you should not overlook the importance of taking your product/service to a branding salon where you can receive a brand makeup which means a well thought over visualization of how your brand performs in every interaction with its customers. Typically, this involves a handsome logo, the shades, fonts, and various other design aspects. For instance, how will your logo appear on merchandise you may later use to promote your offering? Colour has effect on the eyes and so does readability of the fonts on your website or printed material. Sometimes a design of a logo can bear cultural sentiments and hence a sensible designer should be tasked for the job. Basically, across all platforms, online or offline, your brand should stand out and create an impression for lasting recall.

Brand Awareness

With your brand statement and brand makeup in place, it is your time for investment in research and development (R&D) to find your market. If it is a local restaurant, you might not need to spend on LinkedIn R&D or pay the Nielsen. However, if you have a new app to create awareness for, then LinkedIn R&D or a Nielsen report could be useful. These venues would provide data that will help your product with a stage to talk about its benefits. For a local business, you can use local influencers or take help of the blogging community. A B2B company can talk about its solution through appreciation of the modern arts. Curious? Ask Brand Happiness!

Brand Belief

There is no shortcut to creating a lasting brand presence. You are sorely mistaken if you are of the belief that some initial investment in brand design will get your business rolling forever with receding or no focus on your core deliverable. Besides your product/service, the other aspect to always prioritize is customer service. As a local business, you may not need an entire call center for pre/post service support but look; it could be so beautiful if you make your sales with a smile or a little greeting the way Starbucks does it! Referral program is a great strategy; in fact any kind of rewarding is besides a feedback gamification. And of course, in this process, do not overlook to nurture brand belief amongst your internal people. They are the ones to take the vibes out!


Truth be told that the CXO is primarily interested in the numbers that the investment is going to fetch, but here, it is a brand that brings more than desired numbers. Branding done right, it not only satisfies the people in the business but the end consumers too. If you look at Amazon today, the yellow curve connecting A to Z is an example where branding began with the conception of the name and now its incomparable customer service. If you look internally, the company has that environment where employees take pride in being an Amazonian. Numerically, it is a brand that makes money notwithstanding the significant consolidation of e-commerce that generations will remember it for! So, you can be a startup, but that won’t be an excuse for your consumers to let go of comparing your service/product to that of the established! Right?


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