5 Simple Reasons why a Leader should Culture Workplace Happiness

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5 Simple Reasons Why a Leader should Culture Happiness at Workplace

Work is never fun. Starting from office staff to a CEO, everyone knows this hard truth. And yet work is work, with or without love, one has to accomplish it. It is excellent for those who love what they do but not for the majority. Here, there’s a need for work-life balance that’ll make room for relaxation, time to reflect, feel comfortable, and enjoy the little blessings of one’s life. Happiness pays for essential sanity that pays for success, whether at home or a workplace.

Businesses today realize that happy employees are loyal employees who are always motivated to do amazing things. Happiness is nothing abstract; it has a scientific explanation. As a leader, it is on you how you can harness happiness for business success. Here we’ve mentioned five simple reasons why a leader should culture happiness at the workplace-

1. Happiness Takes Control of Productivity

Walk into your aisle and experiment with a loud laugh. You’ll notice that while everyone will be curious at your cause for laughter that themselves will be laughing. And soon when you’ll reveal that it was some random fun, you’ll be responsible for a bigger laugh. Happiness has a reset button; the happy hormone takes control of productivity and helps you advance success!

2. Workplace Happiness Takes Control of Quality

When your people are happy, they are focused. When they are focused and more productive, quality takes the front seat. Excellent quality assures its presence in 80% of operations, the work morale of the people is uncompromising and drives higher performance and success for all.

3. Happiness Takes Charge of Branding

If on a Sunday afternoon, you cook a delicious meal, the air would smell so inviting, you agree? Workplace happiness has a smell to it; like that of a good meal or that of a musk deer. You can’t steal happiness and hide it, or you can’t control its effect on people surrounding you or your office. That leads to building your business presence in the market and amongst prospective clients, partners, and human resource.

4. Workplace Happiness Promotes Creativity

Now when your people and partners are happy,  you can achieve much more than you initially set out to make. It means that you can now deliver more than regular profit aspirations. You’ll notice people are more creative as they are not intimidated by risks or the effects of a failed experiment. They put their ingenuity to the task to achieve your dream.

5. Happiness Promotes Wellbeing

In recent years, mental health has become a concern at workplaces. A mentally unwell employee at work is counter-productive; challenges the entire energy system. There’s no way too for an employee to prove how they are not okay on a given day and therefore be approves a sick leave. This also entails the possibility of people misusing the concern. Hence, an all-time considerate workplace focused on culturing happiness, keeps such conditions at bay.


Indeed, the above discussed are easier said than done. But you may notice that we have been very specific about the benefits of culturing workplace happiness and cited no unachievable condition. If you are curious and would like us to prove it, we would happily do it for you. We believe that creating a work environment that is fun and happy makes better business profit and more significant community impact.